The Project

Igor Stravinsky’s masterpiece with live-painted projections by Norman Perryman at the conference on the Global Digital Content Market, Geneva.

LUDWIG has been invited to take part in a special project: Igor Stravinsky’s masterpiece Histoire du Soldat (1918) will be performed with live-painted projections by Norman Perryman, during the three-day Conference on the Global Digital Content Market in Geneva. Green Room Creatives has produced this event on behalf of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and has invited LUDWIG to work in partnership with the kinetic artist. The actor and storyteller Chris King Perryman will also be involved in the project. The libretto, written by the French-Swiss author Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, will be simultaneously interpreted into six languages during the performance.

Igor Stravinsky wrote Histoire du Soldat at the end of the First World War. At the time he was living in the town of Morges on Lake Geneva. On 28 September 1918 the piece had its premiere at the theatre in Lausanne – but a planned tour of the villages round the lake had to be called off because of the Spanish flu pandemic. LUDWIG will use its forthcoming stay in Geneva to find out whether Stravinsky’s dream can perhaps be achieved a century later…


Norman Perryman visual artist

Igor Stravinsky, Histoire du Soldat (1918)



Thu, April 21, 2016
Conference on the Global Digital Content Market Geneva
Histoire du Soldat - Geneva