The Project

Shall we gather at the river?

LUDWIG will play at the Concertgemaal, the ideal place to raise water to a higher plane. LUDWIG will approach the unusual venue literally and figuratively from various angles, with music focusing on water and its denizens, mythical or otherwise. Fleeing from Pan, Claude Debussy’s nymph Syrinx comes across a wide river in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and quickly turns herself into a reed. Benjamin Britten’s Pan then cuts her down to make a flute with which to sing of his grief. Luciano Berio’s Tom Cats are envious of each other, but luckily there is also room for a Romance by Francis Poulenc.

The Concertgemaal is the disused pumping station (gemaal in Dutch) in North Amsterdam. It still stands proudly alongside a new one built just a few metres away. Recently it was converted into magnificent premises for creative local businesses, and it is also North Amsterdam’s first classical music venue.