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On June 4th and 5th, LUDWIG i.c.w. StrandLAB Almere presented WaterWalks IJmeer: a two-day explorational walk along the IJmeer. This entire weekend we invited everyone to share their own personal connection to the IJmeer with the WaterWalks app: from unique birds and plants to found objects and personal stories.

WaterWalks is a global water monitoring project by LUDWIG to raise awareness about the rapidly changing water environment. Through the app you could share stories, record sounds and conversations, take photos, make videos, share interesting links and even water-quality measurements. You could also discover what other people contributed and explore new routes. This is how we create a living open database of the state and future of our waterways together.

For this special weekend we invited several ambassadors to walk along the IJmeer with the WaterWalks app. They shared their reflections and impressions focussing on water issues, ecology, the development of the IJmeer and the surrounding landscape. Ambassadors include:

  • government Architect Floris Alkemade,
  • landscape architect Thijs de Zeeuw,
  • photographer Kadir van Lohuizen,
  • Maarten Ouboter (Waternet),
  • aquatic ecologist Harm van der Geest,
  • ecologist and philosopher Li-An Phoa,
  • composer/change-maker Merlijn Twaalfhoven,
  • architect Ton Venhoeven,
  • citizen science expert Sandra de Vries,
  • maritime archaeologist Yftinus van Popta,
  • stand-up comedian Mo Hersi.

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WaterWalks IJmeer 2021 is made possible with the generous support of Cultuurfonds Almere, Stichting Waternet, Avanti Almere and i.c.w. Stad en Natuur Almere, Almere meet Water, Drinkable Rivers, Marineterrein Amsterdam and de nieuwe bibliotheek.
WaterWalks app and website are developed i.c.w. Studio vdwoerd.
Video: MILLK

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