Queen Tania

The pride of Curaçao as Cleopatra in Amsterdam. The flamboyant mezzo-soprano Tania Kross has for years been the musical face of the Caribbean island of Curaçao. Today she sings of the death of the no less flamboyant Egyptian queen Cleopatra, to the brilliant music of Berlioz. We can expect a dazzling performance in an arrangement […]

Bach Festival Doordrecht

Together with Cappella Amsterdam, LUDWIG will open the Dordrecht Bach Festival with a spectacular concert on the theme of the festival: light. After a summons from the wind instruments, the singers will take the audience by the hand and enter the church singing, for a joint performance of Kate Moore’s Eclipsed Vision. This will be […]

Brainwave #3 Past Present Future

LUDWIG performs the early groundbreaking experiments from avant-garde composers from the twentieth century and connects them to the pioneers of now: which DJ’s will be remembered in the future as the visionaries of our time? What will the music of the future sound like? This live music symposium takes you on a journey of exploration, […]