The Project

After the first edition of WaterWalks in October 2019 alongside the river Amstel with Li An Phoa, Quirine Winkler and Kate Moore the project continues with WaterWalks Part II.

Composer Kate Moore headed off on Christmas Day 2019 and walked through The Netherlands, England, Wales and Ireland from East to West as the crow flies, following four major river systems including The Maas, The Thames, The Severn and The Lee – 4 rivers through 4 countries from December 25 2019 until February 2 2020. Kate’s track could be followed every day of the walk through data, images, soundbites and stories that were uploaded live to this website. On Feb 2d Kate reached Kildare in Ireland and had to travel back home due to circumstances. She will return later to walk the last part of her Water Walk along the river Lee.

December 25, 2019 – February 2, 2020
River Maas, Thames, Severn and Lee

Kate Moore: composer