Maarten Vos


Biography Maarten Vos is a Dutch cellist, composer and producer based in Utrecht and Berlin. He transforms traditional instrumentation into newfangled sounds and wields technology like something intricately human. Known as much for his outlier, exploratory approach to the cello as his work with modular synthesizers, he’s part of an exciting movement of artists. Collaborated with Julianna Barwick, Alex Smoke, Greg Haines, Stimming, Joep Beving, Sebastian Plano, Colin Benders, Asko Schönberg Ensemble and others. He composed music for various art disciplines, collaborated with fashion designer Iris van Herpen, visual artists Maotik and Nick Verstand, wrote music for contemporary dance companies like Conny Janssen and scored music for film. Vos experiments with with new technologies in spatial sound such as 4DSOUND. He currently works from his studio in Kytopia, Utrecht and in Berlin.

In Projects: