Music is our core business but we love to expand our creative powers to connect with the planet we live on. As artists and relative outsiders we can reflect on the problems the world is facing today in order to invoke progress and encourage change.

Verdronken Land (Drowned Lands) was our first project on climate change – in June 2019 we presented different visions on water-related problems in our pop-up Museum Drowned Lands. Several artists and more than 25 speakers shared their knowledge about water in our Museum and exchanged information for possible collaborations in the future. Subsequently in July 2019 LUDWIG became a member of the Unesco worldwide network of Water Museums.

As a spin-off from the pop-up museum we started the project Waterwalks in collaboration with Drinkable Rivers. After a short pilot along the riverside of the Amstel in October 2019 we are now expanding the Waterwalks and invite people all over the world to walk the rivers and collect data in every conceivable form (scientific, ecological, words, music, photo’s, video’s etcetc). The data can be shared on our interactive website using the specially designed waterwalks app. This way a living database will be created on the state and future of all the rivers of the world.


WaterWalks #3

On a wet and windy day Li An Phoa and Quirine Winkler explored the IJmeer as a pilot for WaterWalks IJmeer 2021