‘Partying with Ludwig’

The Metropole Orchestra continuing independently, the Radio Chamber Philharmonie dissolved – yes the subvention cuts truly did damage with the radio orchestras in Hilversum. But musicians didn’t accept defeat and created their own ensemble: LUDWIG. The group presented itself for the first time in the ‘Fridays at Vredenburg’ series, ironically a series presented by the radio. It was a feast.
The group clearly aimes for a modern presentation. The musicians are not dressed as pinguins. In Utrecht everybody appeared on stage, dressed in outfits of their own choice, which resulted in a colourful sight, although somewhat more unity in the diversity might be a sensible idea. Directed by concertmaster Joris van Rijn, so without conductor, the chamber orchestra dedicated itself in utter concentration to two first symphonies, of Mozart and Beethoven. This was done passionately and true to the style of the period, as if Frans Brüggen was invisibly present. The finale of Beethoven’s symphony was carried out at full speed, but ran smoothly as a train at the same time. Apparently it works if 40 noses are pointing in the same direction.

(….) The encore was played by all musicians together and after the concert the party went on in the foyer. With its flexible way of working and youthful elan Ludwig is the dream of every concert and festival programmer. This ensemble deserves a long life.