‘And again Hannigan and LUDWIG are magnificent – The most beautiful and moving Rake’s Progress I ever heard’

Undiminished the inspiring succes story of LUDWIG and Barbara Hannigan continues. It even gained pace and impact. Firstly there was the sensational debut in 2014 at the Concertgebouw, with works by Nono, Haydn, Stravinsky and Mozart, in which Hannigan both sang andconducted as if she had been doing that all her life. In reality she had only taken up conducting seriously a few years before. In 2017 an at least as unforgettable concert followed with a.o. Alban Berg’s Lulu-Suite. For the cd recording Crazy Girl Crazy that originated in that tour, they were awarded a Grammy.

And then the idea that LUDWIG arose from the smouldering ashes of minister Halbe Zijlstra’s desastrous subsidy cuts in the musical world. They should have called themselves Phoenix…

Yesterday evening they appeared on the Concertgebouw stage again. They delivered the most beautiful and moving performance of Stravinsky’s Rake’s ProgressI ever heard.

(…) The tour ends Wednesday at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie. There too, the audience will not know how to cheer and shout loud enough. This orchestra and this conductor are worth their weight in gold for the promotion of classical music. (…)

Under Hannigan’s lead LUDWIG played sharp as a knife and absolutely not without risk (because of that the Prelude was still a little bedraggled).This resulted in numerous sound miracles, with as one of the highlights the tantalizing dissonants of cello and viola in the graveyard scene. Very successful also, was the minimalistic staging of Linus Fellbom. If The Rake’s is rendered like this, who needs opera houses?