Hart & Ziel

Closing concert for Hart & Ziel (Heart & Soul) Week 2015 LUDWIG has put together a programme full of passion and longing for the 2015 Hart & Ziel concert. In his oratorio The Creation, Joseph Haydn described the chaos from which all life on earth emerged and humanity was eventually created. In Handel’s chilling aria […]

Festival van Vlaanderen

“Can’t wait to be with LUDWIG again for our SECOND DATE!!!” Vorig jaar maakte Barbara Hannigan haar officiële Nederlandse debuut als dirigent/sopraan in het programma LUDWIG loves Barbara in het Koninklijk Concertgebouw. De ontvangst van dat concert was overweldigend: nationale en internationale dagbladen kwamen sterren tekort om de kwaliteit van LUDWIG loves Barbara te waarderen. […]

LUDWIG & Rosanne van Sandwijk

Songs of passion and melancholy at the Amsterdam Grachtenfestival. The Zuiderkerk will be the scenery for a summer program, a musical expedition that will show Rosanne’s exotic qualities. Mezzo-soprano Rosanne van Sandwijk won the coveted Grachtenfestival in 2014, and she gained the Artist in Residence of the 18th Grachtenfestival Amsterdam.

LUDWIG’s soundbox research

Whispering programme for four percussionists. A programme for four percussionists that makes use of all of Dre Wapenaar’s Soundbox Pavilion’s qualities, with minimal music by Peter Garland and Steve Reich, voices from the past by Gertrude Stein and Edgar Allen Poe, and Ligeti’s famous Poème Symphonique. Twentieth-century masterpieces presented as never before (in a whisper). […]

LUDWIG, Remy & Cristina

A Mediterranean cross-over adventure. Two leading soloists joint LUDWIG in a Mediterranean cross-over adventure: harpist Remy van Kesteren embarks on a flamenco improvisation, and mezzo-soprano Cristina Zavalloni plunges into the Andalusian gipsy love story of El Amor Brujo. After an unknown jewel by Debussy, Zavalloni returns to her roots in Berio’s primal Italian folk songs. […]

Kinder Mattheüs

The St Matthew Passion for the next generation Kinder Mattheüs (Matthew for children) is a multidisciplinary performance for young people aged six and over. The monumental story of the gospel according to St Matthew is used to introduce audiences to Johann Sebastian Bach’s St Matthew Passion. The masterpiece has been shortened, but remains intact. The […]

Dutch Harp Competition

With harpist Remy van Kesteren and the stunning mezzo-soprano Cristina Zavalloni, LUDWIG will play a passionate programme in the Vredenburg Friday and Sunday Morning Concerts. As a foretaste of this partnership, Remy invited LUDWIG to take part in the final of his already famous Dutch Harp Competition. On Sunday 2 March at 3.30 p.m. the […]

LUDWIG Dulcimer and pump organ

Oddities in the spotlight. LUDWIG has drawn inspiration from the dulcimer and the pump organ: both the Hungarian cimbalom and the harmonium are clearly oddities in the classical music repertoire, but LUDWIG has put them in the spotlight. Their respective virtuoso performers Jan Rokyta and Dirk Luijmes will make this yet another colourful programme, in […]