The Project

LUDWIG and the Oranjewoud Festival are embarking on a multi-year partnership, with LUDWIG as an artistic partner of the rapidly developing festival. The Oranjewoud Festival and LUDWIG are both young, dynamic organizations that focus on broad audience participation. Their respective artistic directors Yoram Ish-Hurwitz and Peppie Wiersma share a passion for presenting in an adventurous setting repertoires that range from early Baroque to work by the latest generation of composers and producers. Their programming is always determined by the location.

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Made by LUDWIG

In the years to come, LUDWIG will provide concepts for the programming of a number of Oranjewoud venues: in 2017 no fewer than seven programmes will be presented at unusual locations! The LUDWIG concerts can be recognised by the ‘Made by LUDWIG’ label.


Thursday 1 June, 8.30 p.m.
The Oranjewoud opening concert presents….!

It is now a tradition: a rapid mini-parade of soloists and masterpieces. This year LUDWIG, Lucie Horsch, Noa Wildschut and Pieternel Berkers – and perhaps a less welcome guest…


Saturday 3 June, 8 p.m.: Belvédère Museum
Dada Revisited – History revived: Dada is back!

Dada is back!  The twentieth century’s weirdest movement is briefly revived at Belvédère – LUDWIG presents a performance including fragments from Kurt Schwitters’s celebrated appearance in Drachten on 8 April 1923, collected sentences by Evert Rinsema, hilarious antics on the harmonium by Dirk Luijmes, pictures by Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp, music by Erik Satie and unpredictable contributions by Aart Strootman and Florian de Backere. Roll up, roll up!


Saturday 3 June, 1 and 3 p.m.: Oranjewoud estate
Waltzing in the woods – join in with LUDWIG’s dance band!

In the historic surroundings of the wooded Oranjewoud estate LUDWIG’s musicians play festive dance music by Johann Strauss, as well as tangos and foxtrots – of course you can just sit and watch from the sidelines, but it’s so much more fun to join in!


Sunday 4 June, 1 and 3 p.m.: EcoCathedral
The strange singer – is there someone really living in the EcoCathedral?

Who is the oddball uttering these incomprehensible scraps of language? A forgotten inhabitant of the  EcoCathedral? Louis le Roy’s spirit? Will you help him as he slowly builds up a musical version of his beloved EcoCathedral?


Sunday 4 June, 2 p.m.: Belvédère Museum
Minimal Landscapes – listen to Steve Reich beneath the scudding clouds

Guitarist Aart Strootman plays Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint from the balcony of the Belvédère Museum in a special ‘Belvédère version’. Sitting on cushions in the grass, passers-by and museum visitors can enjoy this unusual sound show. Daydream beneath the scudding clouds and enjoy the landscape as never before.


Sunday 4 June, 3 p.m.: Death and the maiden – Despair and melancholy

Schubert’s string quartet Quartettsatz was a starting-point for his string quartet No. 12: Schubert wrote the first part and began the second, andante movement. The manuscript ends after forty bars, and no-one knows why he never finished it. Schubert wrote his fourteenth string quartet Death and the maiden in 1824 when he felt his own death coming on – it is a feverish vision of approaching night.


Monday 5 June, 5 a.m.: Belvédère Museum
Birdsong before breakfast – wake up to the sound of Lucie Horsch and LUDWIG

Why not wake up to the sound of Lucie Horsch LUDWIG and the finest view in the Netherlands? A competition between blackbirds, nightingales, sedge warblers and other summertime songsters, perhaps even a real cuckoo – followed by breakfast at long tables in Belvédère!



Thu, June 1, 2017
Mon, June 5, 2017
Parklandschap Oranjewoud
Oranjewoud Festival 2017
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