Interbellum is the musical project of Lebanese singer-songwriter Karl Mattar. The project blends elements of folk, noise pop, garage rock and ambient music into an idiosyncratic mix centered on Mattar’s songwriting.

Latest album Dead Pets, Old Griefs (2018, Ruptured/Cargo Records UK) was recorded in Beirut with long-time producer Fadi Tabbal and features 10 songs that revolve around themes of memory, time, childhood and loss. The record plays like a broken music box, its kaleidoscopic melodic songs disjointed and smeared with noise, dissonance and processed sounds.

The project and album have made best-of lists in the Arab world and beyond, receiving praise from publications like Gold Flake Paint, The Wire and GQ Middle East among many others.

Mattar played over 50 shows around Europe in 2019 and is currently writing and planning Interbellum’s next release.